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Terminal sign-up & deployment to new merchants for card processors

End-to-End Payment PROCESSING

Payment processing with card management, terminal driving, fraud detection, transaction switching, and 99.999% availability

Mobile money by TPS


Fully integrated mobile money and mobile banking system

Improved Inflight Payment Services

Case Study

A major South African airline is using our A920 terminals as a single device to provide a secure and frictionless inflight service, making onboard transactions more convenient for travellers and airline attendants alike.


Thanks to the A920’s smartphone-like technology, everything from product selection to ordering and paying happens instantly on the A920 device. Using the inflight service application, sales and stock status are integrated seamlessly. All payments, whether by card or alternative methods, are processed via TPS.

Transactions inflight are done in offline mode, so once the aircraft has landed and data communication is established on the A920, all transactions are processed and sent to the acquiring bank for authorisation.

The airline’s stock inventory and sales data is also updated at the same time. Any rejected transactions are batched on an hourly basis, analysed and, where possible, resubmitted through PayBay’s postillion system for processing through the acquiring bank.

More transactions, less declines with over 55,000 transactions per month. The solution has proven to be a great success. TPS is planning on rolling out the service to other airlines both in South Africa and internationally.

Integrated Fleet Management Solution

Case Study

Providing a solution that mitigate fraudulent transactions and abuse of fleet cards.

Declined transactions due to insufficient funds are a common experience in filling stations. Garage owners no longer want to accept Fleet Cards as a payment medium due to the current challenges faced.

The solution authenticates fleet vehicles and their drivers via an online tokenised solution before any fuel is dispensed.

Transaction Payment Solutions partnered with BB Software Development to add card payment processing to the system. This with our APAY Android based payment application as well as utilising a PAX A920 Terminal performs the entirety of the transaction from start to finish. Through the PAX A920 the approval of the transaction is allowed once the authentication of the driver, vehicle and pump is verified, through use of the onboard scanning capability before allowing the fuel to be dispersed.

By integrating the payment device with the fuel management system (and/or point of sale software), the payment value will be automatically populated on the payment device thus limiting the cashiers ability to process fake or incorrect valued payments.

By introducing this solution, we will mitigate the existing risks for fleet owners, fuel retailers and the acquiring bank.

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Growing Contactless Payments

Growing Contactless Payments

December 2, 2020

As per Mastercards statistics globally, more customers are turning to contactless payments as a way

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